Monday, March 3, 2008

Oblivious on the cellphone

I think we all know some people like this, or at least see them driving.


This was created after an editorial about a woman who felt todays technology was cold and inhuman. I agree with her in the article about older technology being more warm. However she is forcibly dragging the old behind her and afraid of new technological change.


This illustration was done for the skin a scion contest. It was a nice illustration, but not a good skin on the vehicle. I tried playing with it more and have yet to reach perfection.


This is the finished Senior portrait and another portrait done for media class. The second painting looks more like me, however I like the atmosphere in the first one better.

These are a bunch of older images done Sophomore to early Junior year. I still think these are the few that hold up well, however I think I would like to redo them all differently someday.

Forest City Hotels

This is me trying my hand at a simple environment for concept art. The idea here is what would elves do if they were placed in modern times? Why, create a forest resort of course!

A more menacing dragon

I did this illustration with a book cover in mind. She and the dragon are having a bit of a conversation, then suddenly he is getting a little too close...

Dragon's flight

This is another image out of a children's book. This one is about a fantasy tea party. In this image the dragon is arriving to meet everyone.

Snapple Billboard

A design for a new Snapple billboard to be put near the shore.

Children's Book Alien

This is a page out of my children's book dummy. It's about an Alien that loses his star!

Video game re-do

This is a remake of a video game cover.

These are a series of vector illustrations with the theme outer space cats.

Broken Piano